Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Nothing compares to the sense of freedom one gets when on a motorcycle and having the best motorcycle bluetooth headset for music certainly adds to that. But riding a motorcycle has its fair share of drawbacks, especially in staying connected with friends during long rides. In a car or automobile, for example, you can easily chat and enjoy some music while on your drive. But on a bike, this is next to impossible for safety reasons such as keeping your helmet on, and its hard hearing anything over the wind.

This is where Bluetooth headsets coming!

They not only allow you to stay connected at all times. But also come with excellent features such as noise-cancelling technology, options to listen to your favourite music, and a GPS system to guide you in a safe manner amongst many more. If you’re thinking of buying a pair but you’re not sure which to the choose, have a glimpse of our compiled list of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

But, before listing some of the top options available in the market, here are benefits of owning a pair.

They Are Hands-Free

Every Bluetooth device is hand-free. That means you’re going to have an easy time operating them, especially while on the road. All you have to do is connect them to a smart device and watch them transform your biking experience. With the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, you can answer calls, make calls, and listen to music while maintaining road safety practices.

You Get to Enjoy Their Low Interference Capabilities

One of the biggest benefits of Bluetooth headsets is that they have low interference. When making the devices, manufacturers use a technique referred to as spread-spectrum frequency hopping. The feature helps to cancel noise and interference by enabling a special connection between the sender and the receiver. It means you get to enjoy clear and uninterrupted calls.

They Enhance Concentration

In most cases, riders tend to lose focus on the road whenever they’re on calls. That is because they end up having issues handling the device. Such a scenario tends to endanger not only the life of the motorist but also those around them. With the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset, however, motorists are going to have an easy time answering calls while you concentrating on the road.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets You Should Consider

Now that you understand the benefits of owning the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you can go ahead and look at the top choices. Each of the top-rated options mentioned below come with excellent features, that will see you have a great time while on the road. These include:

FreedConn T-comVB Motorcycle Helmet Headset
FreedConn motorcycle helmet speakers are remarkable when it comes to usability and functionality. The headsets possess Bluetooth 3.0, making them strong and fast in terms of connectivity. It only takes a few seconds for your handset to detect and connect to the headsets. They also offer a fantastic intercom functionality which enables you and your friends to communicate while on the road. The intercom signal strength is 800m which is perfect for bikers. Note that two riders can communicate and three riders can pair on the same channel making it convenient.

In addition, the headsets possess both GPS and radio. You can thus enjoy music while on the go. On top of that, they have Hi-Fi speakers which means you get to enjoy clear voice and tunes throughout. FreedConn motorcycle headsets also come with a powerful battery suitable for adventure riders. The battery has a capacity of 400mAh which can last for 10hours on calls, 7 hours on the intercom and up to 300 hours on standby.

V6 Pro BT Motorcycle Headset
For extra talk time and amazing riding experience, you can consider the V6 Pro BT motorcycle headsets. These Bluetooth headsets are perfect with superior features such as having a battery with a good capacity of 850mAh, which allows up to 12 hours of talk time. Group riders also stand to benefit as the headsets can accommodate six riders and a total of 5 auxiliaries. All you need is a single connection point, making it one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers in the market.

The fact that the device comes with the popular Bluetooth 3.0 means that you get to enjoy a longer connection distance of 1200m between riders. The headsets additionally use a DSP noise cancellation technique that provides access to clear sound while on high speed. They’re also versatile and can fit on any type of motorcycle helmet.

LEXIN B4FM Motorbike Bluetooth Headset
There is no way a list of the best motorcycle helmet speakers Bluetooth devices can miss LEXIN B4FM Bluetooth headsets. That is because they’re entirely hands-free, given that they come with voice command that features Alexa and S Voice. The headsets can also provide connections to more than four riders and allow them to talk at the same time. In addition, the talk distance between two riders is a total of 1200 meters, thus making it perfect to use especially for adventure bikers.

The lithium battery it possesses is strong enough to allow 120 hours standby time, 15 hours of music, and 12 hours talk time when full. The gadget uses the A2DP Bluetooth profile for noise and wind cancellation. It also comes with GPS capabilities, and so music and intercom are not the only features you get to enjoy. Additionally, these motorcycle helmet speakers are waterproof, which means you can use them in any weather without much concern. It is one of the reasons why they’re regarded as one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers bluetooth headsets.

Interphone Interphoshape Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
Lastly, there is the Interphone interphoshape headset which is among the best motorcycle Bluetooth device in the market today. The headsets come with voice command capabilities that enable you to initiate to music, make and answer calls with your voice. That is because it is compatible with both S Voice and Siri. The speakers of the device are Hi-Fi enabled, and so you get to enjoy clear voice while riding. What is also impressive about these headsets is the GPS feature as well as the intercom capability that enable you to talk to other riders.

You no longer have to worry about limited talk times since they come with a great battery capacity of 640mAh. That means you get to enjoy 12 hours intercom time and 15 hours of music time. While on standby, the battery can last for up to 700 hours. The design is also fantastic. You can use them on either full face or half face helmets. Altogether making Interphone interphoshape an ideal choice in the best motorcycle helmet speakers Bluetooth for motorcycle riders.

These are so far some of the top choices to look for if you want the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset. Each device comes with distinct features that you will find perfect for riders. Every inclusion made on the headsets is to ensure you have an easy time operating your bike while answering calls, listening to music, or performing other communication functions.