Bluetooth Reversing Camera

There is no better way to prevent blind spots than installing a Bluetooth reversing camera. The device comes with a remarkable functionality that allows you to have a clear view of the back of your vehicle. You thus avoid reversing straight into an object or person. Many new cars come with such a bluetooth reversing camera built into the dashboard. However most older models don’t. Since the introduction of the technology there have been various devices available in the market. This makes it hard to determine what the suitable options are and what choice to make. But do not worry, the information below contains a list of what is the best wireless reversing camera system. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your needs and you can start enjoying effortless and safe driving and reversing.

SZKJ D30 Rear View Reversing Mirror

SZKJ D30 Rear View Reversing Mirror is more than just a kit that can help you reverse and park your car. The Bluetooth reversing camera comes with various functionalities, including 4G Wi-Fi capability that gives you access to the internet. If you are wondering how this is possible, wait until you see its 10 inch full screen that displays crisp images. The rear camera is fitted with night HD night vision to give you a clear sight even in low lighting. There is also an inclusion of an alarm system that enables you to drive safer and better on the road. Consider it a smart car reversing mirror with windows 8.1 designed to help you navigate and avoid any blind spots wherever you go.

Tekhome 2019 New Car Radio with 4.1″ Touchscreen & Rear View Camera

Say hello to TekHome 2019 New Car Radio with 4.1″ Touchscreen & Rear View Camera that doubles up to a car stereo. The system comes with various inclusions like FM and AM radio, as well as a hands-free calling feature. It also has a fantastic rear view camera designed to eliminate every dead corner. With this, you can reverse your car safely without straining to take your neck off the window. It has two USB ports that allow you to charge your phone as you cruise safely through the city. It is among the best multi-functional units in the market that will see you enjoy your vehicle more than ever. Driving will indeed become more pleasurable!

EinCar Reversing Camera

EinCar reversing camera combines an android system, a GPS navigation device, and a stereo seamlessly to give you the best driving experience. The unit is designed to switch automatically to the rear camera whenever you shift the gear to reverse. The best part about the kit is that you can see whatever is happening at the back of your car. This via an 8 inch touchscreen panel. The Bluetooth reversing camera also comes with Wi-Fi configurations to maximise its value. It supports 4G and 5G wireless networks with the capability to switch to more than 60 languages. With the EinCar reversing camera and the complimentary kit, be ready to have a different feel of the road.

Campark Mirror Dash Cam Waterproof Reversing Camera

Using the waterproof Campark mirror dash is a stunning move to help you eradicate blind spots while driving or reversing your vehicle. Campark uses its wide viewing 1080 pixels full HD camera to record real-time videos as you drive. There is a reverse camera that comes with 4 LED lights. These capture the reverse images once you engage the reverse gear. The camera incorporates G-sensor and loop recording to ensure you have all the evidence you want. It thus locks the current file whenever it detects a collision. The Bluetooth reversing camera displays all the action on a 5 inch IPS screen mirror. It is both touchscreen and ultra-responsive. What more can you ask for?

Podofo Folding Wireless Reverse LCD Camera

Take charge of the road with the Podofo wireless reversing camera for motorhome. The Motorhome reversing camera kit comes with a back camera that is water-resistant. It has the capability of giving you a perfect site of up to 15 meters. This thanks to the 18 infra-red cameras embedded on the camera. The camera resolution of 800R.G.B x 480 dots keeps you fully aware of your surroundings. The kit also has a front camera with equal capabilities. That means that as soon as you install them on your motor home or truck, you get to enjoy a comprehensive view of your surroundings. The Motorhome reversing camera displays the recordings on a 7 inch LCD monitor. This has a high resolution perfect for displaying crisp, clear images.

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam

Whether you are looking to have effortless parking routines or excellent views when driving, TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam has you covered. The wireless reversing camera for caravans has everything you want from a G-sensor loop record to a sleek look that someone can mistake for a mirror. The rare camera has a high resolution of 1080 pixels, and it also comes with a super night vision feature to give you an undistracted clear view. The remarkable features are backed up by a wide 10-inch full touchscreen touch panel. It is one of the best digital wireless reversing cameras that offers you a wide field of view while displaying it on a widescreen.

SODIAL 10 Inch Full Screen reversing camera

SODIAL reversing camera comes with features that make it irresistible. One feature that you are going to acknowledge most is its AHD rear camera that has night vision and a resolution of 720 pixels. It is a unit that is going to help you have an easy time reversing and parking your vehicle both day and night. You can see the images and videos retrieved by the camera on a 10 inch full screen that is clear enough to show you the whole surrounding. Other features include an android 5.1 system that enables the touch panel to work as a phone. Be sure you are going to enjoy the road with SODIAL reversing camera with a 10-inch full-screen touch panel. You no longer have to worry about blind spots and accidents whenever you back up.

Each of the Bluetooth reversing cameras highlighted above has unique features and superior functionality. Every unit comes with different variations that help you navigate the road safely and reverse your vehicle like a professional. There is the incorporation of various safety elements like night vision and collision detectors, thus making them useful. Because not all cars have built in reversing cameras, particularly older models, the use of a bluetooth reversing camera will help your driving experience immensely. With insurance premiums on the rise, any device to help make your motoring safer is essential. Both for peace of mind and the well being of your finances.

The technology utilised in modern cars is forging ahead in leaps and bounds and this can only help drivers navigate safely and make any journey less arduous. Reversing into tight parking spots, especially when you are in charge of a large car or small truck can be particularly challenging. Make your motoring a safer experience by adding a bluetooth reversing camera and rest easy when that that tight parking spot presents itself to you.

All you have to do is pick a unit that best suits your needs.