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Wireless Xbox Gaming Headset

If you are a serious gamer and enjoy playing against friends and rivals in the online world, you will know that a wireless Xbox gaming headset is essential to get the best experience possible. With a direct wireless connection to your console, you’re ready for action and there is no need for any adaptors or wires to restrict your gaming ability.

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How good are the headsets

There are many different headsets available with a variety of features to enhance the gaming experience. This is facilitated by Microsoft’s new Xbox wireless direct to console tech and Windows Sonic surround sound that enables you to hear even the quietest patter of footsteps to the foe skulking about preparing for an ambush while loading their weapon. You become immersed in the sound and the feeling of living in the virtual world is all the more real.

What features to look for?

So what features and issues should you be looking out for in a wireless Xbox gaming headset? Comfort has to be a top priority when you might be gaming for a period of time. All the top wireless Xbox headsets will have over the ear cups and that does apply pressure to the ears, a little more so if you wear glasses.

So look out for designs that put comfort to the fore as much as say sound quality. Soft cushions and a wearable durable fabric on the cushions can make a huge difference. Some have memory foam which will mould to the individual’s ears and add to the comfortability. And over the ear will fit better than on the ear. The padding on the underside of the head strap should also be thick enough so it does not irritate the top of your head. There is not much point in having fantastic sound if you can only listen to it for short periods before the discomfort becomes too much.

Key features of your headset

Another important feature is the microphone. You will be talking to fellow players and need a high sensitivity mic that produces clear audio so all can hear your in game chat. Some headsets offer a flip up mic which allows you to mute the microphone so you can quickly, easily and temporarily cut out your voice if you needed to speak to someone else not playing the game or if you had a coughing fit for example. Volume control is essential to hear and be heard while something like a bass enhancer will add more power and drama to the sound. A neat button on the headset that can give different boosting options for hearing and voice control will add to your seamless gaming experience. If this feature is a priority then you should look for the best wireless microphone headset you can find.

Rechargeable or batteries?

A rechargeable headset is our preference so that you save on batteries. …