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Portable Wireless Hard Drive

Which portable wireless hard drive is best? Given it is a relatively new way of backing up data as the vast majority of external hard drives are connected by USB cable, this is a relevant question. Normally this would be the easiest way to back up or copy your data from a computer. But when you are wanting to back up say photos and videos from a smart phone or tablet, then a wireless external drive is an alternative to the cable variety.

How can I use my wireless external drive?

It should also be remembered that a wireless portable external drive is not just for copying or backing up, but can be used as a media streaming source for your smartphone or tablet. These devices don’t typically come with huge storage options, most being between 16 and 128GB. Some allow Micro SD cards to extend the storage but if you own an apple device, this is not an option. Videos in particular can take up very large disk space.

If you are travelling then a portable wireless drive is a great option to be able to watch movies or transfer data to and from your device. USB ports are not always readily available for a conventional external hard drive so there is much greater flexibility with a wireless version. Most PC’s and laptops now have a wireless card so connecting to your computer couldn’t be easier to back up files.

In recent years the solid state (SSD) external drive has come to the fore. Unlike conventional drives that use a disk to write to and have moving mechanical parts, solid state drives use flash memory and therefore are more suited to being moved about for those doing a lot of travelling. And most have a battery which adds to their ability to be used when on the go. Some drives even have an SD card slot to back up content from the drive or to make it easy to transfer photos from your phone or tablet.

If you buy a wireless hard drive with wifi you will want to check the apps that come with the drive. This will in the main be with your smartphone or tablet device.

Wireless connections aren’t quite as fast as wired but they will still give you fast transfers than won’t make you wait too long for data to be transferred. And the convenience of not having to plug and unplug every time will make your wireless external hard drive ofr smartphone, PC mac or tablet a great option for your storage and streaming needs.

SSK 1TB Portable Wireless Drive

Something like the SSK 1TB drive covers a lot of bases. With personal cloud storage and a personal WiFi hotspot not to mention auto backup and remote access, your backup and wireless needs are very well catered for. It is a large capacity drive and has point to point transmission so your data is quite secure.

The convenience of having all your data …