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Wireless Sleep Headphones

Have you ever wanted to drift off to sleep listening to music and wished something like special wireless sleep headphones existed? You may suffer from sleep deprivation and those who experience it will know, it can blight one’s life. And indeed also for partners and bedfellows who are trying to get to sleep.

What type of headphones to buy?

The logical solution was to use normal wireless headphones, or earphones more likely. However the comfort factor with these when your head is resting on the pillow, and more particularly on your side, makes them impractical for this purpose. Enter Bluetooth or wireless sleep headphones to provide a wonderful world of restful sound an entertainment.

What makes this type of wireless headphone for bed different to normal earbuds is that it is specifically designed for the purpose of comfort while falling asleep. While comfort is a predominant factor in the ability to go to sleep, others like external noise or a partner’s snoring are also a cause. If all of these can be eliminated to the extent that they are no longer noticed, then a good night’s kip will be a much easier thing to achieve.

And of course listening to soothing music will always help to relax and drift off. Often one needs a distraction so as to drift off into slumber land. If you are Britain, check out sleep headphones UK.

Why are wireless sleep headphones different?

So what makes wireless earphones to sleep different from other standard earplugs? Well a number of makes utilize a headband that sits over the ears and which contains two small flat speakers for listening. The claims for this method is that it is the most comfortable way to listen to music in bed whichever way you are positioned, and were designed for that purpose. The headbands are fully padded to give the type of comfort needed so as not to cause any irritation to the wearer. There are different sizes to choose from as well as a selection of colours to suit a variety of head shapes and sizes.

As a website all about portable wireless, we tend to favour Bluetooth sleep headphones rather than the wired version. Especially if you tend to turn over in bed a lot, not having to deal with wires that may become entangled will likely be one less distraction when trying to drop off. As indeed it will prevent you from waking up after having done so. Unlikely as it may be, wires wrapped around your neck or arms could restrict blood flow and prove to be a health hazard.

The speakers can also be adjusted within the headband to get them just right so they become almost non-intrusive. This obviously also makes for a better listening experience when using wireless sleep headphones as the speakers can be accurately positioned. Sounds position across the stereo spectrum will also be much more enhanced when the speakers are correctly placed.

Headbands are the choice.

The ability to eliminate …

Bluetooth Headphones Over The Ear

You can’t really argue about the comfort and ease of use of bluetooth headphones for over the ear. Without those annoying cables, they give greater freedom of movement and flexibility when out and about. In recent years audio quality has risen while the costs have dropped. That has been since Apple introduced their Airpods with their wireless element, there has been a greater than ever demand for this type of headphone.

So what are the pros and cons of the two types that are Bluetooth heaphones on the ear or good in ear headphones. Over the ear headphones will give a greater noise cancelling element and produce a fuller sound but are obviously larger and more bulky than in ear phones. There are foldable Bluetooth headphones which are compact and make this type far easier to carry. This will be an important factor in where and how you will be wearing them. For instance if you are travelling a lot, particularly on trains, then the ability to cut out external noises will be more important. However if you are doing a lot of exercise like running or working out in the gym, then in ear wireless earphones will much more likely appeal because of their size and weight.

When wearing Bluetooth wireless headphones it is important to keep them within range of your smartphone or tablet. Unlike wired headphones, it is very easy to wander about and forget that you may suddenly get outside the range of your device. There are few things more frustrating than have your audio drop out momentarily or even for longer periods. Bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be slightly problematic, either getting the devices paired, or maintaining the connection. Firstly always check that your headphones are compatible with your smart device and then make sure that there aren’t too many other devices connected wirelessly. Overload can affect the ability to connect or stay connected via Bluetooth.

There is such a choice these days that it is difficult to decide what are the best Bluetooth wireless headphones over the ear or in ear. It is best to go on Amazon or Google and check reviews and find out what other people are saying. Then decide what type you want. You might want to find the best bluetooth headphones under 200 for cycling or running so check what people are using for those activities.

There are loads of quality brands like Beats, Sony, Sennheiser, AKG and  Bose so you will be spoilt for choice. Whatever make and model you choose, the freedom that these types of headphones offer will enhance your music listening for a long time to come.…