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Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

If you have a tablet device or even a laptop with a small keyboard and a trackpad, you will know that it is not always easy to navigate and type. All tablets are touchscreen and even though the “keys” for typing can be quite accessible, it is not really designed for typing more than a few lines. The solution is to get a wireless keyboard mouse combo.

And one thing I personally dislike are the trackpads that come with virtually all laptops, be they PC or Apple. They can be quite difficult to use in some cases trying to manipulate the cursor and especially when highlighting text or areas of the screen.

Is a wireless keyboard mouse combo the solution?

So what is the solution? For me it is a wireless keyboard mouse combo that solves both problems. There are many different makes and options these days, like a foldable wireless keyboard for ease of transportation or an ultra thin wireless version for space saving and an ergonomic look. Most are also rechargeable so you should always have it available to use even when away from your home or office. A three month battery life gives plenty of usage per charge which can be carried out with a micro USB cable.

What are the features to look for?

Most have features like an intelligent auto sleep function and an on off button that will help to preserve power for even longer and extend the life of the battery. Plug and play is standard for these devices so there is no need to download drivers, just plug the small wireless receiver into a USB port and you are ready for action.

And talking of action, all keyboards have a slightly different feel when pressing the keys. There are some great options if you are looking for a low profile wireless keyboard. For instance the Seenda Slim is a popular model with quiet keys and a responsive touch.

It does lack the numeric keypads so if you are particularly looking for that, then something like the Sonkir K-18 Ultra Thin Keyboard Mouse Combo might be better suited.

What about connectivity?

And another issue some users may worry about is the connection and whether it is stable or not. It is very frustrating when typing an important email or document and suddenly the keyboard or mouse loses the connection. The above Sonkir model uses the advanced 2.4Ghz wireless protocol to use one shared receiver for both the mouse and keyboard and therefore tying up just one USB port. With a range of up to 10 metres it is more than adequate for most users.

The majority of portable wireless keyboard mouse combos will be compatible with all versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems but check to be sure before purchasing.

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