Spy Camera Watch

There are many reasons why you may want to own a spy camera watch. Investigation work would be a primary usage so that you may operate under cover and film covertly without an obvious camera. You may also want to record a conference without attracting attention or document a conversion for legal purposes while visually identifying the speaker.

The video quality many of these watches can produce is high definition 1080p, otherwise known as full HD. This is important as being able to clearly identify images and individuals is the most important aspect of a hidden camera. A Spy camera watch can also take still pictures and record audio separate to the video film.

How long will your spy watch record for? It varies from watch to watch but you can expect around 90 minutes of continuous recording. Saving every few minutes and automatic over writing of the oldest files on the SD card are another great feature of these watches.

Function buttons are usually for one action only such as recording video with one, photos with another and audio with a third button. The importance of simplicity is paramount when using these as you won’t want to be fiddling with various button presses when trying to film without drawing attention.

Night vision is another feature offered by a number of different makers which will make a big difference for those operating after dark. An infrared LED facilitates filming in low level lighting. Water resistant watches help protect when shooting on rainy days and will be essential for those working regularly outdoors.

A spy camera watch can also be used standalone as a surveillance camera. Fitted with a motion detector, it could be left as a security camera in the home to guard against intruders. Or it could be placed in a child’s bedroom to monitor a nanny and asses the level of care. Similarly in an old age home to monitor the carers looking after an elderly relative. Also keep an eye on your pet.

Another use for your camera watch could be as a webcam or PC camera and also as a spare disk. Connected to your PC, footage can be downloaded and then viewed on your PC monitor.

There are no indicator lights when the camera is recording so no one looking at the watch will be able to identify it as a camera recording video and audio. It goes without saying that is vital in ensuring undercover operation.

Watches are charged by simply connecting the USB to a PC or adapter. Filming can continue while the watch is being charged.

Some watches also have a fitness tracking facility which give them yet another way of providing a usefulness for those involved in sporting activity. Along with an activity tracker, you get a pedometer and also a sleep monitor on some models.

Spy Camera Clock

Similar in many aspects, the spy camera clock has a number of the same functions as its watch counterpart. Designed as an alarm clock, it can record high quality video in HD.

Where they differ is that they can be viewed remotely via an app and so you can see live video footage which make them even more useful for surveillance purposes. Perfect night vision and motion detection also allows you to see in near total darkness while remote playback provides for great functionality. Multiple users can also view the video remotely.

You can get various styles of a spy camera clock. Most are of the alarm clock variety as virtually everyone has one of these. Most common are digital alarm clocks with the time prominently displayed which wouldn’t suggest that they contain a mini video camera. But you can also get a wall clock which looks totally unobtrusive and highly unlikely to be thought of as spy camera.

These devices are so useful for all sorts of monitoring purposes, particularly for young children and older people who may be vulnerable in the care of others. You may even wish to place one on your work desk if you find things go missing when you are not there. The fact that you can view live footage on your phone from anywhere in the world, provides great peace of mind when you are away on holiday and want to keep an eye on your home.

When you need cover, go undercover!