Boombox With Cassette and CD Player

If you grew up in the age before digital, then a boombox with cassette and CD player would be very familiar. So many people have old cassettes and CDs lying around that they would love to play, but don’t have any equipment to listen with.

In the 1980s and 90s, boomboxes were all the rage because they were portable battery powered and offered good sound quality to play your tapes anywhere you liked. With the advent of CDs, the sound quality got so much better and added even more enjoyment to the listening experience. Typically a boombox in the 1980s would have a radio and a cassette player and they came in varying sizes. Most kids would have a boombox in their bedroom to listen to their favourite radio station or play the latest cassette tape they had just bought from the record store.

A radio CD cassette player had it all covered so you could listen to whatever you liked where you liked. And they became bigger and louder as people wanted heavier bass sounds, sometimes almost reaching the size of a suitcase! Competitions between kids as to who had the loudest would take place and involved break dancing in urban areas, mainly in America. They also became known as ghetto blasters and were very much favoured in the rap and hip hop communities.

Many people used their boombox with a radio and cassette to tape record their favourite music from a radio show. This wasn’t strictly legal but many of these “mixtapes” with either the top 20 chart or just a selection of songs survive today. And it is many of these that people would love to replay for nostalgic reasons.

Buy a boombox with cassette and cd player

Today there is still a good selection of boomboxes with a radio, cassette and CD player integrated to buy that provide people with a means to listen to their old tapes and CDs. In fact the modern boombox can also incorporate a DAB radio and alarm clock as well to cover even more bases….or should that be basses! And with remote control and a USB connection, you can integrate it with your current digital devices. That way you can transfer your old tapes to digital as a backup and to listen to on your phone or bluetooth speaker.

In fact buying something like the JVC RV-NB300DAB Boomblaster will let you stream to a bluetooth speaker without the need to transfer digitally. It has a 60 watt power output with two sub woofers, DAB radio and multicolour light effects for extra visual excitement.

Another thing to bear in mind is that some of the CD players in a boombox will also play CDR/RW discs so any you may have burned back in the day will be brought back to life and be compatible. Worth checking if you do have a lot of RW CDs.

Another nice touch is a double cassette boombox so you can run off a copy of a cassette for a friend or even just make a separate backup for yourself. As tapes got older they could get damaged either by getting tangled in the tape mechanism, or the tape getting stuck together having not been played in years. A second cassette copy will help avoid this should damage occur to the original.

Who wants a retro boombox?

One other aspect of a boombox with cassette and CD player is the styling. Because the originals hail from the 1980s and 1990s, some modern day CD cassette boomboxes have a retro styling for that authentic look. If you want the whole boombox experience then go for something like the GPO PCD Portable Retro Boombox and travel back in time.

Of course Sony are probably one of the most famous names when it comes to classic boomboxes. A Sony boombox best buy is something you generally can’t go too far wrong with. With Megabass to pump out your fave tracks for a great sound, CDs and tapes will come back to life with a bang!

With cassette and CD players having taken a back seat in the last few years, a CD cassette boombox gives you an all in one player to play your old music and bring back some nostalgia at the same time.

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