Wireless Bird Box Camera With Night Vision.

For those bird watching enthusiasts who would like to get a real close up of their favourite feathered friends, the best way to do so without disturbing them is by using a camera. And often the best time for you to view their habits is after dark. So how would you go about doing so? It would be to use a wireless bird box camera with night vision.

A Small Camera is Needed

Clearly the camera has to be very small to fit into a nesting bird box. Something like a bird feeder with wireless camera would be ideal. And to get the best view you would need a wide angled lens. Imagine the disappointment of missing out on some wonderful viewing if the birds were just out of shot of the camera. So the wider the lens the better. Something like a 110 degree viewing field would offer a great chance to cover the bird box from side to side. Remember the birds will be coming and going and not always just sitting nesting.

The bird box with night vision will come with a wireless receiver so you can sit back in the comfort of your lounge and watch to your hearts content. Night vision LEDs will allow the wireless nest box camera to transmit wonderful clear images even in a box that is very poorly lit. A good camera will use invisible infra red light that won’t cause any distraction to the birds. After all you don’t want to frighten them off before you’ve even had a chance to see anything.

Another important part of your digital wireless bird box camera with night vision is the power supply. Clearly the longer the cable you have the better, which offers more flexibility when setting up the camera. Transmitting video can be up to 30 metres in direct line of sight so no chance you will disturb the birds in heir box. Cables ensure you get a steady high quality signal.

Another fantastic innovation with your wireless bird box camera with night vision is the ability to connect it direct to your router. This means you could view all the action remotely on a computer, phone or tablet. Even more flexibility and opportunity to catch those truly incredible moments that otherwise you would never see.

And no need to worry if it rains, both the camera and cables are waterproof so no damage will be done to either.

The advent of wireless technology means what wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago, now opens up wonderful viewing opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Both enjoyable and educational at the same time, children will absolutely love watching. And if you’ll excuse the pun, will have a birds eye view of what’s going on in the natural world.

Digital wireless birdbox camera bundle

If you’re really a beginner when it comes to bird watching and can’t decide on which camera or birdbox to choose, then something like a bundle that contains everything you need is the perfect staring point. Just find the best position for your birdbox to attract your feathered friends and you’ll have everything you need. It comes with built in WiFi camera, Micro SD card, high resolution images and an app for your phone so you can watch live and recorded footage. Everything to make you good to go with this great bundle from Amazon.