Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone likes to listen to music on the go and what better way than on a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker. On the go can mean a day beside the pool, a day at the beach or even just a simple activity like taking a shower. So what’s better than taking your speaker with you to blast out some of your favourite tunes or listen to the radio.

Now that’s great except for the fact that there is a lot of water at the beach, in the pool or in your shower. Or if bad luck strikes and a sudden downpour of rain happens to catches you out when you are out and about.

Not a problem, enter the portable waterproof bluetooth speaker to save the day!

Which portable waterproof bluetooth speaker?

These days there a number of models that have been made waterproof by the manufacturers to meet the growing demand. Of course when considering a waterproof speaker, you still want the consideration of great sound quality. Crisp trebles, detailed mid frequencies and strong resonant bass are what you want. And on top of that, long playing time, good connectivity, easy pairing, portability and maximum range will be important factors in the decision buying process. Additionally TWS enables you to connect two Bluetooth speakers to achieve true stereo sound. And if you are in the pool, then how about the loudest waterproof floating bluetooth speaker? This will let you keep the music flowing even in the middle of the pool! Of course there are times when you want to listen indoors and waterproof will come in handy if you want a bathroom bluetooth speaker.

How waterproof is the speaker?

The waterproof element varies from speaker to speaker in so much as how much water and how long the speaker can withstand. Something like the Tribit Bluetooth can withstand up to 30 minutes in three feet of water which provides plenty of assurance about its durability. Others will resist gentle water spray and splashing but can’t be fully submerged. So pool parties and even a long shower won’t present a problem for the more water resistant models. And if you’re going to the beach, a sand proof Bluetooth speaker is what you want like the Sony SRS-XB12 which also claims to be mud proof and dust proof.

Some wireless Bluetooth outdoor speakers can also be used as a powerbank to charge your phone which is very useful and a great option to have over and above its normal use. And you can make hands free calls with a voice activated bluetooth speaker like the Tronsmart with a voice assistant you can activate.

There really are so many great portable waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers to choose from that you might be spoilt for choice. It is best to decide what the most important factors and features are when choosing a speaker and then make your choice accordingly.

Happy swimming, showering and listening!