Wireless Sleep Headphones

Have you ever wanted to drift off to sleep listening to music and wished something like special wireless sleep headphones existed? You may suffer from sleep deprivation and those who experience it will know, it can blight one’s life. And indeed also for partners and bedfellows who are trying to get to sleep.

What type of headphones to buy?

The logical solution was to use normal wireless headphones, or earphones more likely. However the comfort factor with these when your head is resting on the pillow, and more particularly on your side, makes them impractical for this purpose. Enter Bluetooth or wireless sleep headphones to provide a wonderful world of restful sound an entertainment.

What makes this type of wireless headphone for bed different to normal earbuds is that it is specifically designed for the purpose of comfort while falling asleep. While comfort is a predominant factor in the ability to go to sleep, others like external noise or a partner’s snoring are also a cause. If all of these can be eliminated to the extent that they are no longer noticed, then a good night’s kip will be a much easier thing to achieve.

And of course listening to soothing music will always help to relax and drift off. Often one needs a distraction so as to drift off into slumber land. If you are Britain, check out sleep headphones UK.

Why are wireless sleep headphones different?

So what makes wireless earphones to sleep different from other standard earplugs? Well a number of makes utilize a headband that sits over the ears and which contains two small flat speakers for listening. The claims for this method is that it is the most comfortable way to listen to music in bed whichever way you are positioned, and were designed for that purpose. The headbands are fully padded to give the type of comfort needed so as not to cause any irritation to the wearer. There are different sizes to choose from as well as a selection of colours to suit a variety of head shapes and sizes.

As a website all about portable wireless, we tend to favour Bluetooth sleep headphones rather than the wired version. Especially if you tend to turn over in bed a lot, not having to deal with wires that may become entangled will likely be one less distraction when trying to drop off. As indeed it will prevent you from waking up after having done so. Unlikely as it may be, wires wrapped around your neck or arms could restrict blood flow and prove to be a health hazard.

The speakers can also be adjusted within the headband to get them just right so they become almost non-intrusive. This obviously also makes for a better listening experience when using wireless sleep headphones as the speakers can be accurately positioned. Sounds position across the stereo spectrum will also be much more enhanced when the speakers are correctly placed.

Headbands are the choice.

The ability to eliminate …

Best Portable Blender

Smoothies are as good as the blenders that make them, which is why you need the best portable blender. The market is, however, saturated with these devices, and it can be hard to tell which one is worth purchasing. But lucky for you, this piece contains some of the top-rated portable blenders that function flawlessly and deliver the best blend of smoothies, margaritas, and protein shakes, among others. It also highlights some of the main benefits of owning and using a portable blender, some of which include:

They can fit on any countertop.

Unlike conventional mixers, portable blenders are small and can fit on any counter top regardless of the size or shape. That means you don’t have to stress too much about finding the right space for your portable blender. Their small footprint also makes them perfect for any kitchen design.

You can bring them anywhere.

The main advantage of owning the best portable blender is that you can bring it with you wherever you go. You thus don’t have to worry about missing a glass of your favourite smoothie or protein shake simply because you don’t have a blender. It is this feature that makes them rank high compared to many other blenders.

They are powerful.

Don’t let the size of a portable smoothie blender fool you into thinking it cannot handle its blending task efficiently. The mixer has powerful equipment that enables it to work effortlessly. You get to enjoy well blend smoothies throughout the day. Moreover, the materials used to make it are durable to ensure they last long.

Best portable blenders on the market.

Here is a list of some of the best blenders in the market and what makes them rank higher than the rest. In general, they come with distinct features and additional capabilities that you are going to love. They include:

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies.

The nicely built Hamilton beach is the best blender for protein shakes. It comes with remarkable features such as an ergonomic design that enables it to fit in most vehicle cup holders. It has a sturdy base and a compact built with a wraparound cord, making it easy to store almost anywhere. All materials used to make the portable smoothie blender are BPA free, and the so you can consider the mixer to be eco-friendly.

For portability, the blender comes in a small size. The whole device weighs only 2.1 pounds, and that means you can travel with it anywhere without experiencing any problems whatsoever. So be sure that you are going to enjoy your favourite smoothies and margaritas on the go. The device also comes with a lid that fits perfectly to prevent any spills.

The functionality of the Hamilton beach personal bender is perfect. It comes with durable stainless steel blades, which ensure you end up with well-blended smoothies at all times. The 175 Watts motor gives the device an ice crushing-power, and that is why you only need a …

Bluetooth Reversing Camera

There is no better way to prevent blind spots than installing a Bluetooth reversing camera. The device comes with a remarkable functionality that allows you to have a clear view of the back of your vehicle. You thus avoid reversing straight into an object or person. Many new cars come with such a bluetooth reversing camera built into the dashboard. However most older models don’t. Since the introduction of the technology there have been various devices available in the market. This makes it hard to determine what the suitable options are and what choice to make. But do not worry, the information below contains a list of what is the best wireless reversing camera system. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your needs and you can start enjoying effortless and safe driving and reversing.

SZKJ D30 Rear View Reversing Mirror

SZKJ D30 Rear View Reversing Mirror is more than just a kit that can help you reverse and park your car. The Bluetooth reversing camera comes with various functionalities, including 4G Wi-Fi capability that gives you access to the internet. If you are wondering how this is possible, wait until you see its 10 inch full screen that displays crisp images. The rear camera is fitted with night HD night vision to give you a clear sight even in low lighting. There is also an inclusion of an alarm system that enables you to drive safer and better on the road. Consider it a smart car reversing mirror with windows 8.1 designed to help you navigate and avoid any blind spots wherever you go.

Tekhome 2019 New Car Radio with 4.1″ Touchscreen & Rear View Camera

Say hello to TekHome 2019 New Car Radio with 4.1″ Touchscreen & Rear View Camera that doubles up to a car stereo. The system comes with various inclusions like FM and AM radio, as well as a hands-free calling feature. It also has a fantastic rear view camera designed to eliminate every dead corner. With this, you can reverse your car safely without straining to take your neck off the window. It has two USB ports that allow you to charge your phone as you cruise safely through the city. It is among the best multi-functional units in the market that will see you enjoy your vehicle more than ever. Driving will indeed become more pleasurable!

EinCar Reversing Camera

EinCar reversing camera combines an android system, a GPS navigation device, and a stereo seamlessly to give you the best driving experience. The unit is designed to switch automatically to the rear camera whenever you shift the gear to reverse. The best part about the kit is that you can see whatever is happening at the back of your car. This via an 8 inch touchscreen panel. The Bluetooth reversing camera also comes with Wi-Fi configurations to maximise its value. It supports 4G and 5G wireless networks with the capability to switch to more than 60 languages. With the …

Best Digital TV Aerial

Are you looking for the best digital TV aerial? Then reading this article will details some essential features about digital TV aerials so that you can buy the right antenna for your needs. Getting the right aerial for your digital TV can be a daunting task. Why? Because of the increased number of companies selling aerials in the market and the sheer variety of them.

Electrical engineers in antennae engineering have progressed the effectiveness in recent years. However your place of residence and what channels you want to receive will determine the appropriate aerial to use. So testing antennae’s to get a perfect fit would be the best way to choose one but this is obviously not very practical.

To start with you could try and get hold of a TV signal analysis report. The report will give a clear picture of the channels available and where they broadcast. After looking at the channels, the choice of purchasing a digital TV aerial should be a lot easier.

In a real sense, dozens of channels can stream on your TV. But the quality of the pictures and signal will depend on where you live and where the transmitters are. To try and narrow down what aerials and features are available, here is a guide to a selection of quality digital TV aerials.

A pick of some of the best rated antennas around.

1. IByone Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna – Why choose it?

Ergonomic design
The IByone HDTV antenna has a smooth flat design and should blend in with most backgrounds. It has a light feel, and can be easily hung from a wall. The relatively portable nature ensures that it can be placed at any point for quality signals.

It also comes with a TS-ANT amplifier. The amplifier minimizes any noise that comes from weak signals. It has a range of 160 miles so you should find a a wealth of channels available within that transmitter radius. Certainly a contender for the best portable aerial for digital TV.

2. Mohu leaf 30 Flat Antennae – Why choose it?

This aerial has numerous positive reviews on Amazon and other sites with 67% of the ratings being 4 or 5. So you are not far away from the best digital TV aerial.

Elegant curved design.

The Mohu leaf 30 has a white curved design that makes it unobtrusive in your living room though you can also paint it if required. The antenna being paper thin enables you to easily place it in different positions for the right signal.

Strong signal

Having been derived from advanced US military technology, the Mohu Leaf 30 has a 40 mile range for HDTV programs.

Reception can be weak on directional antennas..

Most TV aerials perform better when pointed in the right direction. But multi-directional designs like the Mohu don’t require any adjusting or pointing of the antenna so weak signals should be avoided. It comes with a 10 foot high performance cable to help achieve the best …

Mobile Speed Camera Detector

Anyone who has been caught speeding and had to pay a hefty fine, would have loved to have had a mobile speed camera detector in the car. These days there are so many speed cameras on the roads to catch speeding motorists that even on a regular route, their location would be difficult to remember. A great number of these cameras are cleverly hidden and not easily visible to the naked eye.

Speed cameras play an important role in making our roads safe and preventing accidents caused by drivers going too fast. For instance in an area which has narrow roads and cars parked on both sides, it is vitally important speed that limits are adhered to. This is because someone might suddenly step out of their car or a child dash out into the road. Similarly on motorways and highways where it is easy to go beyond the speed limit, bad accidents can occur with tragic circumstances. So having this type of detector will help to eliminate these dreadful occurrences.

However there are some areas where speed cameras are placed that seem to be there purely for catching out motorists. And they do this to generate revenue for the relevant local government administration. One way drivers can be alerted to these is to have a car speed camera detector so they aren’t easily caught out.

Drive safely with your car speed camera detector

These devices nowadays are very advanced and innovative using red light to detect speed cameras. Utilising a comprehensive database with the latest road updates, they will help you stay within the speed and keep you driving safely. A speed camera detector device like the award winning Cheetah C550 has over 25,000 possible combinations for the vocal descriptions. And this for every alert so you can set which one you feel most comfortable with. So in what is called the “whisper mode”, the detector won’t alert you if you are within the speed limit. As a driver you will not want to be distracted by constant alerts so this is a welcome option to have at your disposal. Or if you do know the route you regularly take, you can engage cancel mode but won’t be alerted to any cameras.

Reading the display for both initial set up and driving is also very important to get the best out of your mobile speed camera detector. You can adjust the brightness which you will want for driving in dark or night conditions. The distance from the speed camera that the warning alert is triggered can also be varied to suit your speed to allow enough time to correct it.

The best speed camera detector will be able to identify by GPS, all types of fixed cameras. These include Gatso, SPECs, Hadecs, Monitron, Truelvo and others. They will also give you free updates for life so that you don’t have to have a subscription and keep paying to get the latest locations.

How is your mobile speed camera detector

Spy Camera Watch

There are many reasons why you may want to own a spy camera watch. Investigation work would be a primary usage so that you may operate under cover and film covertly without an obvious camera. You may also want to record a conference without attracting attention or document a conversion for legal purposes while visually identifying the speaker.

The video quality many of these watches can produce is high definition 1080p, otherwise known as full HD. This is important as being able to clearly identify images and individuals is the most important aspect of a hidden camera. A Spy camera watch can also take still pictures and record audio separate to the video film.

How long will your spy watch record for? It varies from watch to watch but you can expect around 90 minutes of continuous recording. Saving every few minutes and automatic over writing of the oldest files on the SD card are another great feature of these watches.

Function buttons are usually for one action only such as recording video with one, photos with another and audio with a third button. The importance of simplicity is paramount when using these as you won’t want to be fiddling with various button presses when trying to film without drawing attention.

Night vision is another feature offered by a number of different makers which will make a big difference for those operating after dark. An infrared LED facilitates filming in low level lighting. Water resistant watches help protect when shooting on rainy days and will be essential for those working regularly outdoors.

A spy camera watch can also be used standalone as a surveillance camera. Fitted with a motion detector, it could be left as a security camera in the home to guard against intruders. Or it could be placed in a child’s bedroom to monitor a nanny and asses the level of care. Similarly in an old age home to monitor the carers looking after an elderly relative. Also keep an eye on your pet.

Another use for your camera watch could be as a webcam or PC camera and also as a spare disk. Connected to your PC, footage can be downloaded and then viewed on your PC monitor.

There are no indicator lights when the camera is recording so no one looking at the watch will be able to identify it as a camera recording video and audio. It goes without saying that is vital in ensuring undercover operation.

Watches are charged by simply connecting the USB to a PC or adapter. Filming can continue while the watch is being charged.

Some watches also have a fitness tracking facility which give them yet another way of providing a usefulness for those involved in sporting activity. Along with an activity tracker, you get a pedometer and also a sleep monitor on some models.

Spy Camera Clock

Similar in many aspects, the spy camera clock has a number of the same functions as its watch counterpart. Designed as …

Best Portable Midi Keyboard

Looking to play your VST synths in a DAW on your laptop or PC, then you will want the best portable MIDI keyboard. This will give you more flexibility as to where you can make your music.

What is Midi?

Firstly what is MIDI? MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface. It is a way of connecting hardware music synthesisers, sound modules, drum machines and other sound generating equipment. It can also connect to your digital audio workstation. This allows you to play software versions of synths and drum modules and other devices like effects. Midi can be connected via a dedicated 5 pin midi port or via USB or Bluetooth.

There are many midi keyboards on the market with different functionality, size and portability. So it is important to define how and where you will be using it before making your purchase. Of course price is always a determining factor so finding the best cheap midi keyboard will be important.

Size and Portability

For this article we will concentrate on portable midi keyboards for those musicians who make music on the go.

A particular favourite of ours is the AKAI MPK Mini MKII which is a 25 key USB connected and powered keyboard. It has velocity sensitive mini keys that are surprisingly playable. It also has 8 backlit pads for playing drum sounds, for instance in your Ableton drum rack. There are 8 assignable knobs to map to your soft synth to control filter cutoff for example, and a 4 way joystick. You get octave up and down buttons and an arpeggiator with adjustable modes and resolution. Note repeat is another nice touch to quickly create runs of 8th, 16th etc. notes. And when you register your MPK Mini you get some great free sounds. These from the likes of Splice and Loopcloud which is the largest sample library around.

The Arturia Minilab MkII 25 Note controller keyboard is another excellent choice and matches up to the Akai MPK. Also with 25 velocity sensitive keys, it offers 16 rotary encoders to give you huge mapping possibilities. These will allow you to tweak all sorts of parameters to your heart’s content. And the two touch strips give you pitch bend and even more modulation possibilities to get creative with your sound. This is a really great small midi keyboard and it comes with a version of Ableton Lite. Also included is Arturia Analog Lab 2 that gives you sixteen fantastic synths, pianos and organs.

The Arturia Microlab is the option if you really want to go compact. It is extremely compact and with only four buttons and two touch strips, you still have loads of control. A great feature is playing chords with just one note, a bonus for those who don’t have great playing skills. The USB port is recessed so no cables protrude making it easy to transport. And a rubberised case help protect it during travel. Comes with free software and fantastic value for …

The Best DJ Controller

If you are a DJ starting out and want to go the computer route, then your logical question will be what is the best DJ controller around? You might also be considering playing on hardware like the Pioneer CD or IDJs or even going the vinyl route. So what are the pros and cons of each and how do you go about deciding?

How affordable is the best DJ controller

Firstly cost will be a major determining factor in which way you choose to go. In general, DJ controllers are a lot cheaper than their hardware equivalents. Having said that, the assumption will be that you already have a laptop computer if you’re looking to be a serious DJ. Or if not, you will have  tablet running a software DJ app for less demanding situations, be they a home dj party or just in your bedroom spinning for fun. So if you add up the cost of a reasonably spec’d laptop or higher end tablet with a DJ controller, then you are almost on a par with standalone hardware units.

There are quite a number of controllers for DJ’ing on the market these days, but the two brands that stand out are the Pioneer range and Native Instruments Traktor. Both have long established software applications in Pioneer Rekordbox and NI Traktor Pro. Both are also stable, user friendly and offer very sophisticated features to both the beginner and pro DJ. They are used in clubs the world over by many of the top DJs who perform to thousands every night.

Why would you choose a controller over a standalone hardware equivalent?

The standard equipment in most of the major clubs is the Pioneer range. Formerly CDJs when compact discs were the predominant format, now IDJs which read the tracks direct from flash drives. The great advantage of these is that you can carry all you music on a couple of USB sticks, slot them into the players and you’re ready to start the party. But the top end players like the Pioneer CDJ Nexus digital media player cost near enough £2000/$2500 each while cheaper models are still around half that price each. So price is very much an issue for the bedroom DJ.

Is an All In One the way to go?

However the Pioneer All In One DJ controller uses the same Rekordbox software that the standalone hardware versions do. Not only that, using and learning on one of their higher end controllers which have most of the same functions of the CDJs will make the step form bedroom to club pretty seamless. Even a relatively cheap DJ controller like the DDJ-400 Rekordbox has the same basic layout to enable you to progress to the Nexus range eventually. And the DDJ-200 costs even less while still giving you jog wheels, buttons and knobs to mix tracks from your PC or Mac or from apps on your smartphone or tablet.

WeDJ for iPhone is one such app that provides …

Wireless Xbox Gaming Headset

If you are a serious gamer and enjoy playing against friends and rivals in the online world, you will know that a wireless Xbox gaming headset is essential to get the best experience possible. With a direct wireless connection to your console, you’re ready for action and there is no need for any adaptors or wires to restrict your gaming ability.

Have a look at this great Turtle Beach headset on Amazon for a great all round gaming experience.

How good are the headsets

There are many different headsets available with a variety of features to enhance the gaming experience. This is facilitated by Microsoft’s new Xbox wireless direct to console tech and Windows Sonic surround sound that enables you to hear even the quietest patter of footsteps to the foe skulking about preparing for an ambush while loading their weapon. You become immersed in the sound and the feeling of living in the virtual world is all the more real.

What features to look for?

So what features and issues should you be looking out for in a wireless Xbox gaming headset? Comfort has to be a top priority when you might be gaming for a period of time. All the top wireless Xbox headsets will have over the ear cups and that does apply pressure to the ears, a little more so if you wear glasses.

So look out for designs that put comfort to the fore as much as say sound quality. Soft cushions and a wearable durable fabric on the cushions can make a huge difference. Some have memory foam which will mould to the individual’s ears and add to the comfortability. And over the ear will fit better than on the ear. The padding on the underside of the head strap should also be thick enough so it does not irritate the top of your head. There is not much point in having fantastic sound if you can only listen to it for short periods before the discomfort becomes too much.

Key features of your headset

Another important feature is the microphone. You will be talking to fellow players and need a high sensitivity mic that produces clear audio so all can hear your in game chat. Some headsets offer a flip up mic which allows you to mute the microphone so you can quickly, easily and temporarily cut out your voice if you needed to speak to someone else not playing the game or if you had a coughing fit for example. Volume control is essential to hear and be heard while something like a bass enhancer will add more power and drama to the sound. A neat button on the headset that can give different boosting options for hearing and voice control will add to your seamless gaming experience. If this feature is a priority then you should look for the best wireless microphone headset you can find.

Rechargeable or batteries?

A rechargeable headset is our preference so that you save on batteries. …

Which Wireless Doorbell

With so many on the market to choose from, which wireless doorbell is a question you may well ask yourself. And when looking to buy one, you probably want to decide on the styling and construction before making you final choice. These are also important factors that will influence your final decision.

If the look of your house is more in a period styling, you would most likely want to consider an old fashioned wireless doorbell. Or maybe even a antique model. Blending in with the fascia of your house to give a more consistent look is always desirable.This helps to avoid something that stands out like a sore thumb.

A traditional style wireless doorbell like the Byron will fit the bill with its chrome bell push button set on a naturally styled oak plinth. It contains a wireless extender which pairs up to a brass bell push. Thus giving a completely wireless connection that gets sent around the house when someone presses the doorbell.

What is the doorbell range?

The wireless doorbell range is one hundred meters which should be way beyond what most houses will require. And just to make it that little bit more authentic, you get a choice of eight melodies such as St. Clemens. A nice touch to complete the old fashioned period feel for a antique wireless doorbell.

Wireless doorbell with a light.

If you’re going for a more modern look then there are also many options to suit your requirements. For example if your house or flat is situated in an area where it is quite dark a lot of the time, then a wireless doorbell with light would be a great option. This will make it more visible to visitors or trades people.

A flashing or illuminated light will also be a great help to those who are partially sighted. Furthermore your front door may be exposed to the elements. If so a waterproof doorbell button is a must to prevent malfunction in the event of heavy rain. No point in having a doorbell that doesn’t work!

Most if not all of these models have a more than adequate range. Some even up to 300 meters which is a huge distance and highly unlikely you would ever need more. However should you find that the signal is not reaching certain parts of your house, then look into getting a wireless doorbell extender which will help boost the signal.

How durable is the doorbell

The construction of the doorbell is also important for durability and longevity. A metal wireless doorbell will likely prove to be more sturdy and last longer. However many of the current models are made of a very strong plastic and are suitably well built so it shouldn’t really be an issue for you when making your choice.

Without wishing to state the obvious, if you can’t hear the doorbell then it is not much use to you. So many will no doubt consider what is the loudest wireless …